New rant

well last year my odysso apple set 2 fruit. both got stolen nickel size. this year it set 4. my 2 romance cherries right next to them are solid red with fruit. many hundreds of cherries that are bright red right now. guess what? they stole the dark marron apple fruitlets instead! . yeah i know. i should have bagged them but i saw the cherries ripening and thought that they would surely opt for them instead. nope. no way those apples were sweeter than the cherries. i dont get it. and you really needed to look for them in the foliage to find them, they blended in so well. guess i should be thankful for the cherries.




Who did the stealing? Birds or rodents?

Birds go by sight. Rodent can use sense of smell but don’t know your Odysso is mature enough to give out scent yet.

Birds picked off almost all Redlove Calypso except for 2or 3 that they could not see from the sky.

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Sorry, I feel your pain…I have 2 Odysso yet at one location, but at the other birds evidently thought they were cherries.

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dont know. havent seen birds or squirrels around.