New Rootstock?

Why don’t we hear more about 9 Pajam 2 root stock? It almost sounds disease proof.

I think in the USA it’s generally not ‘stooled’ by vendors that sell to the public. But that might not be the case in Europe? No other thoughts on it.

M-9 Pajam 2 is susceptible to fireblight, similarly to other clones of M-9, see here and here.


it might be, because it is the most vigorous of the m9 clones?

Also i have not seen any sources claiming cepiland to be disease proof? Why do you think that? Or do you have a link so i can read further?
also mentions Pajam 2

Jon Clements of UMass has made mention of Pajam 2 on occasion.

I will try and find the link for you.

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Dear Oscar, this is what I found.

9 Pajam 2 rootstock vigor class is G. 214, which Fazio described as highly yield efficient and productive with yields of 100 to 125 percent of M. 9 in most U.S. trials. It is precocious, resistant to firelight, crown rot, and woolly apple aphid, and propagates well in the stool bed.