New Themes!

The latest update supports customized themes. This means you can select how the site looks for you. The way you change your theme is go into your preferences (click on your avatar in the upper right and then on the gear wheel), then click on “Interface” in the list on the left side. Pick your Theme in the Theme drop-down menu!

  • Classic GF is the one we have now.
  • (new addition after original post:) Dark GF has a black background and white fonts
  • Material design is a new one.
  • Default Discourse is the default one Discourse comes with.

At some point we could in theory change what the default theme is for everyone, but there is no plan to do that now - the default is Classic GF.


I like the new look that came up this morning…!!

If you want a really new look try the Material Design Theme. I’m using it now, its fun for something different.

We can tweak the colors in these themes if any of them are annoying people. The yellow in the Material Design Theme I can’t decide if I like or not…

PS here is a screenshot of Material Design Theme for the curious…


This green works very well for me; I found the stark white a little too bright when I tried “Default Discourse”.

I set mine to the Material Design. Much more friendly IMO…Looks great…

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Glad you like it! I tried it for awhile but decided to go back to the old one, old habits die hard.

If anyone likes dark themes let me know and I can make one. Thats where the fonts are light and the background is dark; its getting popular in various editors mailers etc.

Edit: I decided to make a dark one for fun, its Dark GF. Dark themes can be easier on your eyes, less light given off.

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Everything old is new again!

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Nice to have options. For those of you like me that primarily use the site from a mobile device, accessing the interface change is slightly different. Click on your avatar, select the settings gear, and then click on the account drop-down list until you see interface.

I tried the dark theme and it was a bit too much. I’m now using the material design. I like that it’s similar to the original theme with the acception of a little added color.

The dark theme are becoming popular because they actually can reduce battery consumption on some of the newer mobile devices that use amoled screens. On those screens black pixels consume less power than lit pixels.

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I confess I’m loving the Dark theme, I might stick with it. In the Mac you can make your standard apps dark and I did that awhile back.

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The material design theme is missing the create new topic button for me. I switched to the dark theme and like it better anyway but thought I should say something in case anyone else has trouble.

For me, it’s a + button at the lower right,with the Material Design

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Same for me, don’t know how I missed it, thank you.

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I like Dark Theme the most.

The Material Design was fun at first but the changing color drove me crazy after a while.


I went dark as well. Took a bit to decide if I like it but my eyes see it much better and a lot less strain. Very good IMO…

Welcome to the Dark Side :sunglasses:

I think I’m going to stick with the Dark theme as well, my eyes don’t like all that light from a white background.

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I like the classic GF.

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The only problem with the original format is that there isn’t enough contrast between those super light colored mint green fields. I’ve since switch back to dark from material. The darker screens are definitely easier on the eyes.

Classic for me.

I’m loving the Dark GF. That’s how most everything on my phone looks anyway. Saves batteries and is easier on the eyes in my opinion. Thanks for the options

I run a dark theme on my phone. Nice to now have it available on the forum as well!