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Please dont quit ! Am so lucky in that we have the perfect conditions for growing most things and I intend to make a difference. My idea for my little plot of land is to open a demo site so others could come and learn. I want to try and organize womens groups who could maybe grow fruit commercially of which I have no interest in doing myself. Hopefully this will liberate them some as most are dependent on partners and spouses for a living and usually leads to some terrible relationships.
I think my smart phone arrived, just going to the post office to check as I head back to the lake today. Am so excited to go see my chillies in the little plastic bags. Promise will send photos. I am linking with USAID hopefully in the near future to see what can be achieved in terms of trying to develop our community so all exciting stuff coming up ahead. Will Keep you posted. Have a lovely weekend


We are lucky with our climate. Havent managed this time to procure the water pump but should do next time am here in our provincial capital. Am so excited to head back today.
What is it they say about wisdom and age ? I am slowly realizing as I grow older also. I intend to make the best of this opportunity to make a differnce for my adopted community.
Have some Water melon seeds and loads of avocado, will be in the ground tomorrow morning . Will send pic if phone has finally arrived.
My biggest problem here is finding seeds but working on it and hopefully some joy is round the corner. I have basically been saving seeds from the fruit we eat and using that but lack variation.
Have a great Weekend


Basically fill em with soil and plant anything and everything. We are the pilot stage but so far so good


Can you get seeds through the EU or Asia via mail? I like the idea of starting in bags the only issue i see is they wouldn’t support the root system maybe as well, can you do a similar thing with recycled plastic cups ? If not i think you may need to fold the bags or fold and fill them full enough so that they are easy to move and yet will not break. If avacado lives where you are i would certainly plant as many of those as you can and try to create windbreaks with the larger trees around the edge of your property. Have you looked into “fruit tree guilds” ? The main idea is interplanting shade trees under your fruit trees and using plants that help each other (look up the three sisters bean method) to tie up space, have compatible root systems (Some shallow some deep) feed pollinating insects and share predatory insects?


Will respond asap


Greetings and salutations ! Am loving your chats Richard. Please keep up flowing.
Yes we are able to receive packages from anywhere in the world. We are yet to register as a farming association. We had our first official meeting today which was cool. Young guys taking matters into their own hands. We decided on the name sim, nos podemos(yes we can) .
You are right about the plastic bags but you can the transplant the into anything. I am test see through bags tomorrow. More light more chance of survival ? Yes you may use recycled plastic cups. Will work just as well.
Just got avocado seeds from my mum s and they are going in tomorrow. Will look up both fruit tree guides and three bean method.


Rereading that i did not mean fold them i meant double or triple up on the bags so they don’t break with wet soil in them. I think the only good clear bags or see through bags would do is be a humidity dome as i think roots do not like light. I think comfrey, garlic and chives are all companion plants to avacado’s and i know growing hot peppers can be helpful for keeping wildlife out of an area. Commercially avacados do not grow true to seed but you can do alot by starting tons of rootstocks, maybe you will get a great new variety and later in a year or two you can learn how to graft and purchase a few varieties that do well in your location to graft onto your seedlings!