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Hi guys, new here just wanted to introduce myself. I’ve been growing figs for about 10 years and have about 28 trees in a small backyard. I’d like to get into persimmon trees in pots. So I’m hoping to start my journey into potted persimmons. I’m looking forward to a great start in the season in my zone 5 Ontario.



Welcome to our group, you will find a lot help on this site


Welcome to the forum, @Vitooch1 ! Lots of great info and inspiration here. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

@Vitooch1 … over winter and early spring months we do lots of trading of scion wood and fig cuttings too.

In the (Trading post) category… you can list what you have to trade… and your wish list… and have great success collecting the varieties you want.

Welcome aboard !!

Thanks so much good to know. I could use a few persimmon scions :smiley: since I’m getting into it.

It’s gonna be a great season folks. First photo is the early wake up of my figs trees on March 15th. Second photo is my 10 variety frankenfig, I’m just excited for that one. Third photo of my 10 year old Chicago hardy.

My only fig so far… Chicago Hardy… in ground… think this is year 6 for it.

We get 400 or so figs a year from it.

I cut it back to short stumps to protect over winter… and each season shoots off those stumps grow 9 10 11 12 ft tall.

Its a beast. We love it. Fruits for over 3 months late summer into late fall.

I am rooting Olympian cuttings this spring.


Wow that’s incredible, that is something I wish to have. I do have ingrounds I protect. This year I’m trying to give it a head start with a made greenhouse. I’ve had them in ground 3 years but haven’t really got success ripening. This has to be the year or else it’s getting the chop lol.

First photo is the 3 ingrounds I chop them at 12” in height and make a coffin to protect them. This year I’ll be chopping them at 24”. Photo of the figs are from all my trees. I get to enjoy lots from my young trees.