Newbie looking for variety recommendations

I found this site doing a google search on Flavor King versus Dapple Dandy pluots. I’m looking to add a couple additional trees and would love to know if people think there might be better choices than the varieties I’m considering. I’ve bolded my current choices.

I currently have:

Pluots/Plums - Flavorosa, Flavor Grenade and Santa Rosa Plum.
Looking to add one more pluot. Considering Flavor King, Dapple Dandy, Emerald Drop or Flavor Queen to keep them spaced out.

Apples - Gala, Pink Lady & Fuji. Considering Dorsett Golden, Einshemer or Anna.

Pear - Moonglo, Hosui, Bartlett and a scionless Pineapple Pear. Trying to decide if I pull out the rootstock from the Pineapple Pear or try to graft a scion. The rootstocks are sending up suckers but the dead scion is about an inch thick. I’ve never tried grafting, so if it is difficult on such a thick stalk or not recommended, I’d love to know that. If I replace, I’m thinking of trying Warren.

I like sweet fruit over tart/tangy. THANKS!

In my opinion, Flavor King has way better flavor than others, but everybody’s taste receptors are different.

I’m sorry, but your apple choices are really boring. There are hundreds of apple varieties with better flavor and texture.

Warren is a great pear, highly recommended. 1" thick understock is excellent for bark grafting.

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Check the list by @scottfsmith

Looks like you’re off to a good start. Upstate South Carolina is famous for peaches, and you’re not that far from there just SE of Charlotte.

The apples you are considering should be ok, but I’m betting there are a lot of tastier apples you could raise.
Arkansas Black
is certainly one to consider if you’re into ‘no spray’ gardening…and I could suggest others, but part of the fun is doing the research yourself. Right? Try for reference too.

For additional references, maybe try Horne Creek Preservation Orchard in the Raleigh area, Century Farm Orchards near Greensboro or NC State university or Clemson University. (I don’t have the links available at the moment.)

Good luck.