Next time your near Washington DC eat here,

While my home town is not known for any sort of native cuisine. We do have the best of just about everything. So next time your in the DC area try one of my favorite places. And if you have some I dont know about please add them.

Ethiopian, what do you call an Ethiopian community little Addis Ababa. I you have to stop in Silver Spring MD. I will just link to a MAP and you can pick and choose. My goto restaurant is Addis Ababa which has wonderful sampler platters

DC proper is not to be left out either MAP The best of which is Dukem. 1114 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009


You get decent Vietnamese food just about any ware in the DC area. Falls Church VA and Silver Spring VA the heart of the Vietnamese community, thats where the food goes from decent to outstanding. Eden Center is so fantastic visitors from Vietnam seek it out, or so I am told. I hate to name a particular restaurant because most are so good. I would check out Nha Trang in the SE section, Viet Royal in the S section

The former big girl of the center was 4 Sisters moved down the road. I haven’t been in a while but it was awesome.

Best Pho in the City proper Pho 14

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Thai/Lao Food.

Thai Food is everywhere but Thai food that will make you do a Homer is rare.

Rabieng And Dungrats These two places are right next to each other and have the same owner to different experiences. One is small and cozy the other a larger restaurant style. Drop by there grocery store to stock up on ingredients after you eat.

Padaek never actualy tried this place yet but it is located in Eden Center and in my experience any no Vietnamese food in Eden Center has been Crazy good.

Bangkok Golden 2 locations Fort Washington, MD and Fairfax Va


My favorite place closed but Annandale VA is full of great Korean food.

One place that is blowing up with locations is HoneypigBBQ


I ate so much Mexican food I was sick of it. That was until I left DC. A true Mexican taco is a wonderful thing. Just meat onion, cilantro, lime. No cheese, no avocado. Outside of DC I find mostly Salvadoran and Guatemalan tacos. Its just not the same people dont believe them. Dont get me started on Taco’s in NJ, they just use gyro meat. Oh come on.

For a real Mexican taco you have to go to Riverdale MD Taqueria la Placita (they make there own tortillas) or Taqueria Tres Reyes, I think I like the meat better at Tres Reyes.

Recommendation is Taco De Lengua and barbacoa. I do not like chicken and plain beef (res)


While I know I dogged their Tacos. Pupusas are off the chain. If you in DC and see a pupuseria stop and get some. Andrew Zimmerman featured La Chiquita on Bizzare Foods America.


I might only have ever tried one Russian restaurant and dont regret it. Russia House was soo good. And sooo expensive. But looking at there menu today looks like the brought there prices down. I have to go back.

This little market has all the seasonings and traditional ingredients you never find anywhere else. They also have a rather delicious hot food counter.

You may have had Peruvian chicken before but if you come to DC you own your self a trip to the place that introduced it to the US. El Pollo Rico there are 6 locations in the DC area but I personally vouch for Arlinton and Weaton(silver spring). And one upstart Super Chicken in Bladensburg

Vegetarian Food
Sadly the place I was going to recommend Soul Vegetarian closed. In its place near buy a new franchise opened and its getting over the top great reviews.

NuVegan Café
2928 Georgia Avenue, Washington, DC 20001

The best Sushi place in DC Tono Sushi It was still good on my last visit after the change of ownership. $1 sushi happy hour is the best in town.


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We used to drive to DC to eat every now and then, this was many years ago when the food around Baltimore was not so good. Those same Ethiopian restaurants were in business 30 years ago, they are institutions. There are also some south Indian restaurants on the northeast side, e.g. Woodlands. South Indian food is not very common, many of the dishes you won’t see in your standard Indian restaurant. We haven’t been there in a long time either though.


Hey!!! I’ve gone to those restaurants at least once a year! We visit my in laws annually! Yes, those restaurants are awesome. Eden center is on the cheap, comparing to Boston’s prices!

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I will check that out. I know a few tasty Indian buffets but I never did a deep dive into finding truly great spots. That is because my wife has a mixed relationship with Indian food. Growing up with “Curry” soured her on anything with it in the name. Thai and Vietnamese curry where so instantly different she never had a problem. But outside Indian buffets, where she can avoid the curry for tandoori chicken she never wants to try it.

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We go to your Korean restaurant frequently, Honey Pig. It has a great atmosphere as well, and its always crazy busy. There is one in the Ellicott City vicinity that we go to.

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Nha Trang Restaurant

Merinated flank stake on a bed of watercress. The flavor can not be described. it was just awesome


Have you try the pork chop with a fried egg over White rice and fish sauce. Pretty tasty.

I have not but it sounds delicious.

I added my Caribbean and Peruvian recommendations. @zendog @Matt_in_Maryland Call out to my local peeps to help me expand the list.

I picked up some spices on my recent visit. Truly a diffrent flavor profile from all other cuisines.

I keep a salt shaker full of Mitmita on our dining table. If I find myself eating something and decide “this needs more flavor” that’s the first thing I reach for whether its spaghetti, roast chicken, stew, whatever.

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I live just outside of DC and keep up with the restaurant scene, so if anyone has any questions, let me know. In the meantime, here’s a great DC restaurant forum (with other cities/countries as well). This link is for the DC forum and the posts are listed by date, but there’s a search function so you can search for a specific place or a type of cuisine or whatever:

Here’s the main page with all the sub-forums listed:

There are some incredibly knowledgeable people on this site, including local chefs and industry folks, so if you have a “strange” question or request, chances are someone will be able to answer.


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Don’t forget Yuan Fu Vegetarian out in Rockville!


I cant believe I left out Japanese.

South and Southeast Asian solar New Year Thai, Cambodian, Laosians some parts of India and china is usually celerbrated around the 14th of April. In DC two of the large Thai temples and several smaller ones put on huge festivals for New years. They are open to everyone, and there are always lots of food vendors.

Neither update there website regulary but Wat Thai appears to be having there festival in 2021 after cancling 2020 It looks like it will be April 11th this year. Songkran Festival – Wat Thai Washington, D.C. (

Disciples of Wat Tummaprateip, Washington DC Accokeek MD does not have anything posted this so far. But typically they host a festival on a different Sunday from Wat Thai Either the Sunday before or After.

I would of course be remis if I didn’t mention the DC cherry blossom festival that has been running from March 20th - April 11th. Home ( On a typical year the Chery blossom festival parade would be on the last Saturday and Songkran at Wat Thai the day after.

This has to stop. I was planning to visit Russia House in DC soon. Just because Russia is in the name doesnt mean it has anything to do with the goverment.
Russia House Faces an Uncertain Future After Sustaining Costly Damage (