Nice looking grow lamps…

…which are actually USEFUL? I have a Meyer Lemon in a living area that doesn’t get much natural light.

However, the only decent looking grow lamp fixtures I can find have pathetically low (I.e. essentially useless) light output. My understanding of citrus is I need something about as powerful as maybe a 150-250W metal halide or HPS to be worthwhile.

Any thoughts?

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Depends on the tree’s size.4e61446508b730117_1957-w500-h375-b0-p0--

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I like the spotlight version of the GE LED lights, which claims a PPF of about 50 micromoles/second, which might mean you’d want two of them, but they look ok to the eyes, unlike many LED bulbs of comparable PPF.

They come in two spectrums, “balanced” or “red,” which are roughly “sunlight” and “warm white”:

GE Grow Light LED 30W Advanced Red Light Spectrum PAR38 Light Bulb (1-Pack)

Their light is pretty focused and doesn’t diminish as quickly as other lights I’ve used (they get clever with lenses I think), and I’m mostly using them as supplemental lighting in the greenhouse:


Steve I bet that setup works great - but I guess that “nice looking” is in the eye of the beholder :joy:


i have used some of those. ive also used 100w equivilent 5000k led light bulbs with the dome taken off put on a screw in 3 way splitter. covers a even bigger area. not as " nice looking" but is cheap and works well to even grow out veggies and small bush fruit.