Nice pocked hand pruner

Lowe hand pruners are pricy German tools with a very good rep so I decide to purchase their smallest one to see if it could be my final choice for the pruner I keep in my pocket when I’m not engaged in full time pruning. For that I use the ARS ES pruners, as some of you know.

The Lowe “original” is a blade and anvil design which is a style often rejected by fussy horticulturists because of its tendency to crush wood- a bypass can apply pressure on only the wood being removed and that pressure is less than what is applied by a blade and anvil pruner in the first place. However, the blade and anvil system does provide more cutting power.

At any rate, I tried out this pruner today and really like it. I’m confident it won’t tend to open accidentally in my pocket because it doesn’t have the squeeze to open design of the ARS (which is great when you are pulling it from a leather holster). For such a small tool it really can cut through pretty large wood.

An extra bonus is that it provides good control for making the kind of cuts you need for splice grafts. You can’t make as long a cut as with a double bladed Italian model but it provides even better control of the angle.

My only complaint besides if relatively high price is that it is made with heavy steel like old fashioned pruners. I’d like it a little lighter but the main thing is that it is small. I tried the lightest, smallest Felco but it didn’t much impress me.

I purchased the 1.104 through Oesco- my favorite orchard supply store.Shears » Pruners » Anvil pruning shears : Original-Loewe