Nikita's Gift from JFAE I

This arrived in the early spring of 2018 with no limbs and it was probably .5 inches in diameter. Did exceptionally well both last season and this season. Can’t wait to taste them!!


Yes please give a taste report. I’ve only ever had Asian persimmon and have heard the native/hybrids have better taste. Thinking of planting one to go along with my five Asian ones


NG is very similar to Asian. I cant really distinguish the flavor from Saijo. Maybe a bit firmer and looks different.


Have you had a native cultivar?

No I haven’t. I’ve only tried jiro and hachiya

I like my Nikitas Gift. They have the shape of American, but bigger and a little sweeter than my Yates American persimmon. I have Saijo and it is good but I like Nikitas Gift better.


Update: today I noticed the birds had begun to eat them so I picked the soft ones.

This fruit tasted amazing. Very sweet and cinnamonny. It wasn’t just a sloppy goo like a hachiya, but had some firmness to it. My wife and children loved them. My wife isn’t a big fan of the gooey, jelly-like persimmons but loved this one. It’s a keeper


I loved it but it was not hardy enough for my Z5 -22F once very few years. I also was tire of Winter protected it. I did it for 8 years and now top worked it to a JT-02 that can handled my Z5.



Is the flavor more intense than a water-balloon-ripe hachia? Is it cloying sweet?

I wouldn’t say it’s any more intense. I liked the taste every bit as much as hachiya

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@fruit can they be jelly-like soft gooey if you wait enough and still taste great?

Also, I actually like persimmons like hachia that allow me to peel that super thin translucent layer of skin so I can eat most of the peel without its slight astringency. Can you do that with nikitas gift?

That I’m not sure of. This tree has been an incredible bearer(produced hundreds of fruit in its short life) but believe it or not I’ve only sampled a few of the fruits so far. One year all the fruit dropped, and the other year I picked all the fruit too soon.

How old was the tree when you bought it and how tall was it? How many years after planting did it fruit?

When I bought it it was just a few feet tall with 0 branches. It put out all its branches by that fall. The next year it has a ton of fruit. It’s my star performer tree