No big deal, just curious

I don’t want to start a new topic but I would like to post in the Tractor topic in the subforum of Gardening I believe it is but I can’t figure out how to post in an existing thread> Anybody…Thnx


hey Jeff, welcome to the forum. just open the thread, scroll down to the bottom of the thread, and click on the blue reply icon. you should be able to type in your response. when you’re done, hit the reply icon again and it should show up.

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What is the game photo in your avitar? I can’t quite make it out

3- Black Bear having fun at night…LOL

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HAHA…How simple is that? I was making it to complicated…Thanks Sub…

I thought maybe black bear or wild hogs, thanks for the clarification,

No sweat. my place is in Jefferson County North Florida and we have a heck of a population of the big Ladies and fellers up there…I’m going to have to be creative when my Fruit trees start to Bear…I made a pun…trying to keep the Bears out of them…Anyone have any suggestions?


We don’t have bears here but I have heard they can be very destructive, breaking large branches to get fruit. The raccoons here just pick it all

The tractor thread is in the lounge I believe. To post in the lounge I think you have to be here for a certain amount of time. It’s like a privilege that is earned. I think once you become a regular the lounge is accessible.