No blossoms on Satsuma Tangerine

That about says it all. Not one blossom the year, which is the second year the tree has been into ground. What am I doing wrong? Zone 10 with tree planted on south side of the house. It looks healthy.

How well did it flower last year? Some satsuma will alternate years they flower.

It did well last year and had fruit. I had heard that but couldn’t find anything to substantiate it on the web. Do you know which varieties do that?

I don’t have an exact list. My Armstrong satsuma will crop heavy one year and very light the next.

Thanks! I’ll keep looking into it.

My Browns Select Satsuma bloomed very little last year and even less this year, don’t know why. It produced a lot the first year and very little the last several years.

No problem. You need to wait at least 5 years anyway to get good fruit on a satsuma. 10 years is more likely.

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I understand that but it fruited 12-15 decent sized fruits last year. Now not one single blossom. That’s odd to me.