No name pear

Don’t know where or how I got this pear tree, don’t know, if it had pear last year, but now it had 6. Eat one yesterday, super juicy,sweet and spicy.
Even my wife isn’t a pear lover, not (gritty), soft, liked it. This tree is now multi grafted tree with help of Tippy. I believe 6 added varieties.

VDS fig protected with a plastic bag for chipmunks works, the other branch with a air layer bottle seems like a deterrent for squirrels and chipmunks.


Is this a crunchy pear or a soft one? Whatever it is, it sounds like something more people should be growing! Looks like your figs are doing better than mine. The rain and bugs keep ruining many the past couple of weeks!


Andrew, you probably don’t like like the looks of your generous gifts, should be good for next growing season, keep them in the Greenroom for most of the winter. All new leaves. The one in the back is RL/BV from Drew, grafted and air layered , a little slow taken of.


I’m glad your figs are recovering after the postal service messed up the delivery. They should hopefully ripen some fruit for you next year to sample! I am questioning one of my Bourjasotte Grise though. I retained 2, 1 of them has leaves that look like the spare I sent you, and the other looks like some sort of a Col de Dame!

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My no name peartree has several no name pears varieties since last spring, thanks to Tippy. this peartree with all the spreaders in picture might produce some next spring.