Non astringent persimmons

are there any non astringent persimmons that have the brown flesh?


You can buy a Coffee Cake persimmon tree and have a male flower from a Chocolate persimmon tree to pollinates it then the Coffee Cake persimmon fruit will be non-astringent with a brown fresh with seeds and you can eat it firm. If there is no male flower to pollinates then you will have to wait until the fruit becomes soft ripe and seedless with no brown color before you can consume it.


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i grafted california maru and another one to my hachiya. i’m grafting chocolate persimmon next yearand i’ll look for a coffee cake. my friend’s friend crossed one that looks like hachiya with brown flesh, non astringent can be eaten like fuyu. doesn’t look like he’s sharing scions so i’m checking to see if there is something like that out there already.