North West Cider Supply great sale on rootstock!

Really good price on rootstock.


I’ve been telling myself no. I just bought more rootstock: Geneva 41, Bud 9, M111, and scion wood: Kingston Black, Sweet16. The roots are a very good price If anyone needs more.

I grabbed 6 G41 to try. They are such a responsive company. Stuff looked great.

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Thanks, @BobC, for posting this. When I saw your post last weekend, I ordered some M111 and G.41–much cheaper than Cummins. Mine arrived yesterday, and they look great.

Now, where am I going to plant these after grafting?


Oh man! I’m only trying to figure it out for 12. What all did you graft, and how much space will it take to plant 500?

I’m thinking I’ll till a row in the yard, graft and plant these, and then move some to our neighborhood common area in the fall or offer them to neighbors or friends.