Northeastern US greenhouse tests happening overnight

My greenhouse with three 1100-1200 watt space heaters usually has no trouble holding 50 degrees on the coldest night. But with forecasts of 7 degrees overnight tonight (12/23) on one of the longest nights of the year- and with crazy high winds- it’s going to be a real test of my heating.

I have many hundreds of citrus blossoms right now. If I lose them I’m going to be so mad.

Nights like these I think about the “put some containers of water in your greenhouse to warm it up at night” posts. I might lose everything despite over 3,000 watts running all out.


Sorry to hear that. Best of luck to you. These winds are brutal all on their own let alone with the low temps we are seeing.

Forecast here is 5F with 40-50 mph gusts. I emptied my little work greenhouse (wasn’t much in it, fortunately) of anything I cared about losing. Hopefully the main building doesn’t lose power! That wind is knocking down trees left and right.


My greenhouse had it’s first freeze in 18 years last night. It was 7F outside when I woke up expecting the GH to be 38, where the heater was set. Instead it was 17. The capacitor on the heater fan picked this night to go out. No fan no heat. I guess we’ll see if small mango plants will handle 17. I won’t think so but they do look better than expected.

I managed to find a replacement part so maybe tonight will go better.


Some of the other plant hobbyist groups I follow for tropical plants are having similar worries…staghorn ferns, orchid cacti, etc. Mine are indoors, but people in Florida and the Gulf Coast are worried.

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You have one of those Mr Buddy type heaters? I know lots of guys who use those ice fishing.


Murphy’s law.

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I actually do have one but it’s on my property on the shore. It’s doing me no good because I didn’t have the foresight to bring it back home.

How did it turn out?


Heaters stayed on and kept temps above 44! Whew! Only down to 14 tonight so it should be fine. I was so relieved when I woke up and checked my remote thermometer. And then today, in bright sun, it got up to 92 degrees. Nearly 50 degree swing.


Those heaters are worth their weight in gold! I have a couple for blackouts (even though I have a wood stove, it doesn’t reach all the corners of this old Colonial) and for use in the barn as they can be safely used indoors. They throw some good heat and the fuel source is easy to get - camping propane cylinders. The larger unit can also take a 20 gal. tank with an adapter; that would be most useful in a larger space when you want it to run a long time.

I say it because it might help.
Cover the greenhouse with rescue blankets. super cheap and very effective if there is a heater inside

it’s probably not a long-term solution. but a good emergency solution. because they are very effective and easy to apply

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