Not a good growing season


I saw there was talk about fruit harvest, but text there and image showed big harvest how much they got fruit. They have enough fruits to get them in freeze, make dessert and something like that. It makes me feeling small. Using word harvest gets me impression you got a lot of fruit, something like a word yield. In that way I didn’t wrote anything there as I didn’t have fruits anything like that.

This is my message of growing season and how my fruit trees went. My Red Heaven peach tree survived last winter, but it got peach leaf curl because we had so much rain or too many rainy days in summer. I think maybe rainfall was not problem, but that there was not enough time between rain to weather dry. After that rain my peach tree got more leaves. Aune pear got that trunk split, so it is not in good condition now. Also it got pear scab for it remaining pears, i think too much rain is reason here too. I said last time pear scab was somewhat tolerable level, so I looked it after my message actually it was not that good. All Aune pears was loss to this disease, when weather warmer this disease progressed and made fruits that way they couldn’t eat. I didn’t get any fruits from my tree. My Pepi pear had also fruits, I got few fruits. We have here some raspberries, don’t know varieties. I got some raspberries. I think that is about fruit I got. Well maybe next growing season is better, so I can get more fruits.

Hang in there Dennis,your last sentence is sometimes what we need to look to.
How many fruit trees are at your place? Brady

Hi Dennis, I am very happy to hear that your peach tree is alive and producing fruit. The trees take time to mature. How long have you had your Redhaven? Mrs. G

Mrsg47 hi

I have Red Heaven peach tree, I didn’t say my peach tree produce fruit it survived last winter. This red heaven was planted 2014. Guess so it takes time some time to produce fruit. That is something it survived last winter.

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