Not too happy with Raintree this year

I got my order from Raintree and I can honestly say I am not impressed, mainly due to the size of the plants.
I ordered a Nikita’s gift persimmon and although the tree size was what you’d expect from a mail order nursery. The roots were very tangled like it had been grown in a mason jar and given a twist every so often. I probably shouldn’t have but I went ahead and cut off about half of the roots to undue the braid they were in. Feeling like I just jeopardized the tree I also cut it back to match it’s newly trimmed roots, now it is small. I also ordered 4 gooseberry plants each at $14.50 a piece plus shipping and only one of them is even remotely acceptable for size. The others a barely a rooted cutting maybe 6 inches tall. On a positive not they were shipped ok and everything seems to be alive, but for the price I will try to order with a local nursery from now on. I can get a large already bearing gooseberry plant for that much.

Sorry you had a bad experience with Raintree. I’ve not order from it these past two years but before that, things were good.

You may want to check Burnt Ridge nursery. I ordered Nikita’s Gift from them last year. The tree was the size I expected at $30/tree. I just saw they list gooseberries at $7.50 - $10 a plant. I personally think that Burnt Ridge often offers a reasonable priced trees. Although their trees are on a smaller size but they all grow well. I ordered A. pear, J plum, persimmon, apple from them over the years.