Nurseries near Columbia, SC

Anyone know of any good nurseries near Columbia, SC? Always looking for Peach, Apple, Cherry and Pear trees. Thanks - Spud aka Richard

There aren’t any, unless you want what the big box stores sell.

I tried the big box stores and it is similar to Virginia as far as the varieties they carry. I found this orchard outside of Columbia, I will visit when i go back next week, supposedly they have peaches …

I think you’re going to be very disappointed.


Because they don’t sell fruit trees, only landscaping items.

Umm, I called Crabtree and they said they sold fruit trees, specifically peach trees,. There website has fruit trees listed …

If I had to guess maybe they sell very large fruit trees (landscaping trees?) for local consumption due to size? Worst that happens is that I lose an hour to a hour and half out of my day visiting them…

I’m interested in seeing what you find.