Nuts and bolts bench grafting question

OK. A nuts and bolts bench grafting question. I’ve never grafted more than 3-4 trees at a time before.

So you are grafting away. What do you do with your newly grafted and labeled whip? Run outside and plant it in the nursery one-by-one? Let them soak in a bucket of water until you have 8-10 done? Same thing but peat moss? Wood chips? What?

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It’s ok to just place the grafted rootstock in a bucket of ice water until you have enough done that day. I would either pot it or plant it before the next day, although siting over nite is no big deal, no longer though!
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I graft a bunch, put them in a bucket with damp (not wet) coco choir. And you can keep that bucket in a cool place, easily for weeks before planting out (shed for example) or when im busy if kept that bucket inside for 2-3 days while grafting. Didn’t seem to hurt. I would not advise it though, since 3 days at room temp could make your tree’s wake up earlier when planted.

If also used a big plant pot (with holes) and sand to “store” my grafted tree’s before planting out, outside in the rain. I like the damp coco choir more than wet sand though when separating the bunch to plant out.

Lots of ways to do it.
Important factors to consider.
-Don’t let the roots dry out, or freeze to hard.
-Don’t keep them to warm for to long or risk them braking dormancy to early.


I graft 15-20 and put them in a bucket of water as I go (also have a bucket of water holding my rootstocks. When I get a bunch I transfer to a tub full of moist pine shavings. Hold them in a cool room (50-55f) until moving to the nursery bed when ground workable.