NWS frost warning criteria

I assume there is some kind of criteria that determines how early in the year the NWS starts issuing freeze and frost warnings. For example, there would be no point to issue a freeze or frost warning in December in Ohio. The reason I ask is that the NWS has freeze/frost warnings for the SouthWestern half of Ohio, but not for the NorthEastern half for the next two days even though it seems we will be 1 or 2 degrees colder than the SE. I have some asian plums trees mostly in full bloom and my peaches just started to have a few flowers fully open. Unfortunately, the peaches look like only about 1/3 of the flower buds made it through the winter. That could be ok if nothing else happens, but the next two nights are supposed to be 31 and 33 with possible clear skies. The wind will hopefully be 8 to 13 mph but might let up after midnight Sunday. Is it likely that the lack of warning for my area is because the first date of the beginning of the growing season has not been reached yet?

This is the first time we’ve had a frost warning this spring, and I see that the NWS had a link to a map with the median last frost date for the area. That may be the criterion

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