Oak Wilt in Dallas

I think my neighbors Oak, which overhangs my yard, may have Oak Wilt. Does Oak Wilt affect apple, persimmon, and jujubees trees?


seems to be that the fungus is specific to quercus alone, or at worst, its closest relatives.
there was no mention of other affected species at this texas oak wilt website which actually encourages texans to diversify the trees growing in your state as a preventive measure, since it ‘dilutes’ monoculture, acting as living barriers . An indirect indication that other species will unlikely be infected.

apples, persimmons and jujubes belong to different families, and better yet, belong to different orders(not of fagales order), so probably not preferred by the pathogen

Thanks, I’m hoping it stays in the Oaks!

Oak wilt only effects oaks. See here for signs: TexasOakWilt

The oak leaves can have a washed out look or an edge burn instead of the veinal necrosis. If it’s a live oak, it can spread through connected roots, so if you have live oaks in your yard, you might want to be concerned.