Odd Peach Training-Opinions

Thinking of trying what appears to be a freestanding espalier. Basically they have a tree that has 3-4 prongs going up maybe 6 foot each. On the prongs they only allow first and
second year wood to exist. Second year wood fruits and is removed while the new crop of one and two year wood is coming in. Their trees just look like four prongs with small branches coming off. I like the idea as far as maintenance in spraying and care, but seems the fruit had no camo from the preditors. The pictures they had with fruit, just looked like the tree was all fruit. Anyone tried? What was your experience?

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Interesting. Do you have any photos?

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No. It was a youtube video that I can no longer find.

Sounds similar to Kym Green Bush pruning.

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Anyone uses KGB system and successful on peaches?

This is a new style to me, I am thinking about trying it out for my pear trees! Bad idea or would this work?

I would think there may be some weight/support issues using KGB with peaches or pears (being heavier than cherries, but maybe better distributed) but here’s an article with a grower using the UFO system for peaches-- UFO peach system finds favor at Windy Ridge - Fruit Growers News



Webinar on future directions for training and rootstocks of cherry, peach. Jim Schupp, Greg Lang, Terence Robinson.