Off time of year, but: Hardneck garlic?

OK, so here’s the problem I have with you peoples:

I tend to be the guy who likes to research, and doesn’t need the best, but looks around until he knows what he wants…and then has to have the damn thing. So it goes, and in my random “you should be working, why are you messing around on the internet” time I came to realize my life is clearly missing hardneck garlic, for home-grown scapes and to try them instead of softneck.

Anyone have a few cloves that might be seeking some apple scionwood? Or possibly plum/persimmon? Similar offer open for Babington leek as well…

Let me know if interested, I have my trade list tucked away someplace, but a large number of apple scions hanging out in the refrig, some Tomcot, a couple plums, and a bunch of H118 persimmon.

I need to get myself self-banned from this forum or something :frowning:

The proper time to plant hard neck garlic is fall. I will be happy to send you some after harvest in July, so you can plant them in October. I also have leftovers of eating garlic that can be planted now, but most likely they will not produce full size bulbs this year, but I can send you those to try now if you are willing to pay shipment with no guaranteed results.

PM sent.