Oh just some pics of the way back yard

Starting off with my favorite peach - Eva’s Pride. Measuring in at 18 brix…big, beautiful and perfect! Plant this tree low chill people! It is amazing. Work internet is horrible…probably wont get all the pics posted until later.


A haul from a couple nights ago (All have been devoured).:yum:


Wow great haul @puggylover75 ! Can’t wait to see the next load of fruits and veggies!

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Eva’s Pride is one of my favorites.

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Lovely! May pics are some of my favorites. May your harvests continue to be plentiful!

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Oh my! Those peaches… mouth is watering like a dog!!!

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Are some of the leaves yellow, or is that just the light in the photos?

Wowie zowie, Jennifer! And btw, you did an outstanding job pruning your peach tree to keep it down to a pickable height, plus nice wide open canopy, well done. And, the chicken coop, I can’t stop lusting over your chicken coop. Rat and coyote-proof. A work of art. You’ve done such a great job with your yard, it should really be featured in a magazine as a wonderful example of S. California BYOC and how to grow your own food.

Patty S.


Fantastic pictures, and I salute you for posting while you’re at work on the clock. Huzzah!

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Next up Arctic Star Nectarine. Slipped in a pic of Spice Zee Nectaplum fruit as the tree can be seen in the back ground :slightly_smiling:. Not many fruit this year but hey at least I get a few.

ps…don’t bust my chops…I will remove the suckers!


Just the sun. but there may be a few floating around in there.

Cot N Candy: Beautiful tree that did not provide one piece of fruit (First time since I planted it that this has happened). Bloomed like crazy too! :frowning:

Leah Cot. Planted January 2015. Thought I may get a few this year but it dropped all it’s fruit as well. Wonder if I have a pollination problem…hmmm. The only pluot to set fruit was Emerald Drop, which is closet to Burgundy plum. I remember thinking that I hadn’t see may bees during that time…hmmm. Flavor King is to the right (1 fruit).

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Here is Summer Delight Aprium planted this January.


Burgundy plum is starting to color up.

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Pixel Gooseberry. Planted this year…hope these are good. First timer here.


Beautiful pics Jennifer. You have a great looking orchard.

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Nice looking growth on those trees. I’m lovin’ this virtual tour. Keep 'em coming! :sunny:

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WOW! Jennifer, every one of those photos are post-card perfect. I didn’t know you had so many great trees. Of course you Cali folks just love to rub in the fact that you are eating fruit and veggies while us easterners are just getting going! haha. Kidding. I also love how instead of just mulching around your trees, you just mulch the whole darn orchard! NICE. And as someone who provides live chickens to the hawks in my area on a regular basis, I’m definately jealous of that chicken house. Keep up the great work.

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Miniature Black Bell Pepper…oh and Spud the Pug.

Uuuuh ya…squash and pumpkins have taken of the garden. I had this amazing idea that I was gonna control them. haha

More pumpkins, Burgundy plum and hopefully what will be a Sundowner apple.

Some kind of lettuce - quite tasty though.

Beets man…beets. Got some Kale, basil, peppers and a tomato plant whose name I have forgotten but it is supposed to be blue and red? In the distance is my stall of maters.

What will be Cucumbers

OMG…I have grapes. Something Muscat…can’t remember at this moment.

Stall of watermellon, honeydew and cantelope…thinki I might have thron in some bush butternut squashes too. :slightly_smiling: