What do you think about Oh My. Is this just another pie in the sky or the real deal? Unlike the other seedless varieties they do provide enough information to make a guess at how well it will perform. I’m tempted to buy one especially with the discount price.


Someone at Gurneys really comes up with some names yum yum nectarine, razzmatazz grape, silly girl Lilly …yes really https://m.gurneys.com/product/silly-girl-lily lol. When I hear the name I’m watching myself lol! I do believe it but what’s the catch I ask as I think about chomping into the first seed on my seedless concord I got from there. The seedless concord are not seedless in Kansas!!! lol we got to try stuff sometimes anyway @Auburn. If you do remember the $25 off coupon


I looked up the patent:


It looks like its genetically engineered. They are doing the “Roundup resistance thing”, patenting all the children as well.


I’m fine with that, but some won’t be.


I decided to order one, hopefully this will be everything Razzmatazz was supposed to be. This grape has every quality you could want, seedless, no spray, productive, good size, and thin skin, sounds too good to be true. Now I just need a place to put it. I will need to pull up my Darlene which I really don’t want to do if this thing turns out to be a flop.


Glad someone decided to order it. I’m still considering ordering one but when I look at the offering now the discount is missing. Pretty expensive even with the discount but without it I don’t see me getting one.


I don’t normally go for new fruit like OH MY but I did. Hope to give some good reviews on it down the road. Now I have to find a place to plant it.


Let me know how it is. Even with the $25 off it’s a big expense.



@c5tiger “OH MY” arrived today. Appears to be about 8-9" high. A few buds were starting to leaf out and they look a little dehydrated. I watered it well and went ahead and planted the vine.


Got mine about a month ago, it is at the same stage as yours just braking dormancy. I just have to pick a good bud and prune the rest off.


Darn it Bill. I had to read this thread and now I am all in. Delivery this week. :wink:


I couldn’t make myself pay that much…but I got a Paulk ordered today.

You’ll have to let us know if it’s worth it!


I am new to grapes, but remember eating scuppernongs and muscidines in the woods as a child. So, I purchased the new hybrids from Gurney’s. The Oh Mys (2) are leafing out quite well. I pruned to a single stalk imitating you. Seems much more manageable. I was going to plant this weekend, but the weather didn’t hold.
I bought 2 Razz vines (this is their 2nd year) and received a replacement Razz that is one year old. Do I need to be concerned about cross pollination? Also, I haven’t pruned the Razz vines ever - should I prune now? They are fully leafed out.


Both Razz and OH MY are self pollinating (perfect flower). Best guide to getting them up onto the trellis can be found on the Ison’s website. My OH My is leafing out and looks good.


Thank you for the reference to Ison’s. That vendor is new to me!


You are going to like Isons, they have nice plants at a good price.


I expect these initial seedless grapes will not be as tasty as the seeded ones, for example the patent reports brix in the 17 range which is down from the more recent cultivars. But even if they are close to the seeded ones it will be a winner as the seeds are a pain … I am looking forward to reports!


My 2 year old Razz bushes set fruit, but the size was extremely tiny. My husband ate the whole bunch of maybe 15 to 20 grapes in seconds! He declared them delicious and bugged for more. Unfortunately, as is the case with my peaches, pears, mulberries and figs, once the squirrels discovered them - game over :frowning:


Isons has some good videos on pruning. Muscadines only fruit on new growth so pruning back heavily encourages strong, new growth and keeps things more manageable.

Razzmatazz grapes are tiny, birds really liked mine.

Are you growing them on a single wire trellis?


My Razzmatazz appears to have died over the winter… so I guess I am done with that experiment. It got down close to zero according to my cheap outdoor thermometer so let that be a warning to anyone thinking of growing it in colder zones.

Of course I bought one of these new “Oh My” grapes to replace it. It is at least worth a try…