@Ozymandias. Good luck with your OH MY. I think it is suppose to be more cold hardy. My OH My was small but it is starting to grow now. Looking forward to comparing my vine with you and the others who bought the OH MY.


Have you tried Gurney’s “tickled pink?”


I have not tried Tickled Pink. Sound like a really good grape.


It’s growing well. I’ve also tried their kabluey blueberry plant and perpetua blueberry. The poor perpetua has been run over by the lawnmower twice but it is growing back. Both were so small when I got them last year but seem to be catching up this year. Pleased with their stock (except for size) but their prices! Would buy more but just too expensive. Keep us updated on oh my


I have this one and it’s my favorite grape out of about nine varieties.


Tickled Pink is probably not Pierces Disease resistant, you may have problems in a year or two.

My Oh My is in rough shape and I don’t know why. The leaves came out very stunted and deformed like you may see from herbicide damage but I have not sprayed anything since it was planted. A few days ago I pulled it up washed all the dirt off of the roots and put new soil in the area it was planted and it seems to be doing better but a long ways from healthy.


Oh well. It’s fun trying. I lost canadice and black monnuka but so far my others are ok. I think in central SC only concord (of table grapes) is supposed to work.


My Razz took some winter damage 2 years ago after its first year in the ground in zone 8, but I blame most of that on pushing the plant too long into the fall. I usually don’t fertilize any after the first end of August but probably went through August into September with the Razz because it shipped so small and I wanted it to catch my other muscadines I had planted that same year. None of my other muscadines were damaged that year and none including Razz have been hurt since.


I pushed two young vines (Black Beauty, Lane) last year attempting to get them all the way down the wire. They almost got to the end and I was pleased with the results. Both of these had about two feet of the last growth to die back. No big deal as they popped out and are again growing well.


I have a Black Beauty and a Lane (both planted 2017). Oh My will be my third muscadine.


You will like BB and Lane. These two are my favorites.


Both of my Oh My’s are struggling. We have had an overcast, cool and wet spring in the mid-Atlantic (S NJ) and I almost feel these plants are just stunted waiting for warmth and sun.

I have a few new yellowish/greenish leaves the size of a quarter on each plant… but that is it. They have been in the ground over a month now.


Can I get an update. I am in Delaware and was thinking about trying to grow muscadines. If you are in S. Jersey our climate is just about identical.


My two Oh My’s are starting to establish. After a cool wet spring they seem to be loving my horrible soil. They both have grown to the 3.5’ line on my trellis and at this rate should hit the 5’ line by August.

I am looking forward to that! I’d like a few grapes next year!


Your off to a good start in my opinion. The one I have is at 38" today. I would like to get it part way down the wire this year and have a few spurs for grapes next season. My plans are to push it until the end of July and then back off and let the vines harden for the winter.


Mine had some sort of problem when I got it. All the leaves came out deformed and no real growth. I finally got some good growth from the base so I cut the top off and now it is growing, about 15" tall now.


Your OH MY looks healthy now. It is disappointing to get setbacks especially on special plants. My vine was growing about an inch a day until it didn’t. The very tip broke off and it stopped growing for about seven days.


OH My. Picked up speed but still a little slow growing. It is 48" today with 16" remaining to get to the wire. At the current pace it should get a few feet down the wire. In contrast the Hall I planted is 3’ down the wire.


Great to know!
I would not have thought of a Roundup ready GMO grape. Sad.


OH my is starting to grow pretty well. Glad to see it get to the wire. Although I would like to see it run the wire length that probably won’t happen.