OH MY update. The vine as I mentioned before was small so I don’t expect it to grow to the end of the wire provided but I do hope to get a sample of fruit next year. It appears healthy and is now 29" down the wire in one direction and 48" in the other. How is your Oh My or Razz doing?


Mine has grown quite well and I hope to get some fruit next year. Time will tell as always…


I notice your vine from ground height to wire has very few leaves. Are you cutting them off or do they fall off once it starts to spread on the wire?

My two are looking good. Seems to grow around 1” per day.


I haven’t removed any leaves but I did remove all suckers below the wire as Isons suggest. Your right about it having less leaves. The lower leaves are also smaller which probably contributed to the slow start. My vine has settled down to growing about 1" per day. I’m getting a few small spurs so I might get a few fruit next year.


Hope your vine does well.


Mine is about the same size. Mine looks to be putting out more lateral growth than yours instead of going down the wire. I guess vertical growth is more natural than horizontal. I do pinch the tips. For the last month mine have been putting small flower clusters out on the lateral tendrils. I thought they might fruit late in the year like my Late Fry did its first year but the flowers never develop.


Oh My spurs. The leaves have dropped and the spurs/buds are exposed. The vine started out small and I think that it grew fairly well. My goal was to get the vine onto the wire and for it to grow enough spurs to get a few fruits next year. There is about 12 spurs (some longer than others) so I think there is a reasonable expectation for a small sample next year.