Olallie Berry


My “Eastern Prince” Schisandra vine has failed here in hardiness zone 10b. It succeeded at my former home in 9b but being from southern Mongolia this location was probably a bit much.

Today I bought an Olallie Berry from Clausen’s as a replacement. It’s not quite what I was looking for but at least fills in another spot on the berry hybridization chart. :slight_smile:

Chart of Berry Hybridization

Logan or Boysenberry that bears all season?

Some good references …


Interesting. Why do you think? Due to heat? Dryness?
I was concerned that mine may have difficulty here in z8 so I put them down by the creek partially shaded by the woods. So far so good.
Mine are the standard dioecious variety.


Good move … and of course I envy the crops you’ll have. The preserves and condiments that can be made from the fresh berries – wow. Don’t forget to try them in a mince-meat pie or made into chutney.

I worked hard on giving my plant good growing conditions. It probably failed because I didn’t heap 15 lbs of ice on it every day November through February.


Planted it this afternoon.


Progress :slightly_smiling_face:


I bought one 2 years ago to try out but my winters are too cold, so it usually dies back to the ground.