Old field crop equipment

Wanting info on small planters and harvesters for 30-45 hp tractors. old time equipment preferred. for beans, corn, oats etc. Anything memorable, simple and efficient?


I’d suggest seeking out some old farmers in your area and asking them. If you don’t know any, go to an antique tractor show and start making friends. Folks like that love you talk about stuff like that, and they have a great network to find information.

Farmers are notorious hoarders. What you’re looking for is likely sitting in an old barn or hedge row, not listed for sale on marketplace.

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We went to the Bird City, Kansas antique tractor show last year, and it was an incredible experience. I got to drive a stream tractor, and I rode on Case 150. You could see that antique stuff in action, stuff from the 1890s to the 1970s. They had an adopt a tractor program because the organization had more tractors than drivers. They desperately wanted new blood (figuratively, though the antique stuff tends to be unforgiving if you’re not careful).