Older table top graft cutting machine

I have a cheap hand held graft cutter that I would like to upgrade. I only do about 200 grafts a year so nothing exotic is necessary. I see from time to time lever action grafting machines that are probably antiques; that is pretty much what I am looking for. If anyone has something old, but useful, let me know


I don’t know how handy you are, but making a grafting machine like @applenut has is relatively simple. Here’s a video of it:

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Check out what I just found. Not until now have I seen this. They’re on eBay too and probably everywhere. @applenut could this be something your guys use in Africa?



I wonder about replacement blades as I don’t see them on Google quite yet.

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@RFAgriculture what you’re looking for is an old grape grafting tool. Here’s what one looks like:


I’m wondering how durable it will be and the force needed for some harder wood.
The tool is sold here,https://www.oescoinc.com/pocket-grafter.html for less than Amazon,unsure about shipping though.
Not a great loss,if it breaks.bb