Olton Broussard pear

Anyone know much about it? I’m intrigued by the scant info out there. FB resistant Asian type from Louisiana.

Most info out there seems to be from the finder at this website: http://tandeecal.com/page10.htm

LuckyP reports it grows like a rocket for him.

That’s about it!

Along with Tennoshui I’m interesting in tracking down some scions of this one.

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vigorous upright growth here. Very small round russeted fruits… not sure if I’ve ever eaten one… or if I did, it was pretty unremarkable


Thanks. I do wonder if it needs a lot of heat.

I remember hearing about this variety years ago. I think it was a seedling discovered in the south. I think the main attraction was its fb resistance rather than it’s quality. As I understand it the Tennosui on the other hand is supposed to be very high quality. There are some other good fb resistant pears that have come from around the Houston area that are just starting to get a name for themselves. I am growing Tennosui but I am still waiting for it to fruit. I posted awhile ago that years ago I remember hearing about a 20th Century type pear that was supposed to have way better fb resistance. It also made a naturally semi dwafed tree. I can’t remember the darn name though and I have lost contact with the person who first told me about it. I wonder if I could find it on the germplasm repository site. I may give that a try. I’ll report back on what I find.