OMG...I just got email from Stark Bros. I'm going into cardio arrest, is there Doc on the board?

I’m just kidding about there being a Doc on the board but got one hell of a response from Stark Bros. this afternoon after my email I sent them on Friday! I originally sent them an email back in Nov. that I ordered 2 apple trees and 1 asian pear and the asian pear that they sent me fell short of what a supreme tree is suppose to be by their own standards. I never heard back from them this past fall.

This past Fri. I sent them another email stating that the Supreme Hardy Giant Asian pear that they sent me this past fall fell short of their minimum 5/8" trunk size and attached a photo of this with a measuring tape in the picture. I was always told that you measure a trunk dia. at 3" above the union graft but there are many nurseries that measure at 1" above or at the union graft for the caliper of the tree. I gave them the benefit of doubt by measuring at 1" or less above the union graft and it still measured less then 5/8".

Also within my email I threatened that if I didn’t hear from them by this morning that I would go to Dave’s Garden and post a negative rating on their company! I didn’t post a negative rating this morning because of the weather we are having here. Guess what? Surprise…I had two emails when I came home from work from them! The first was an invoice for $0.00 for a replacement Supreme Hardy Giant Asian pear tree. After that email was another that said that they couldn’t find my first email from last fall but would ship me my replacement tree within 7 to 10 days.

I am happy that I didn’t have to post a negative comment to Dave’s Garden and then wait for them to make a post and say that they are sorry. Then tell the poster (me) to call them and they will right the wrong. This was a big surprise for me at least to say the least… I didn’t have to get on the horn and call them like many other people have had to! :smiley:


Garden Watchdog is a very good and useful asset. Good on Stark Bros. to set things right. I guess it would have been better had they done it earlier, but in the end they did ok. That’s saying something anymore.