On a fruit tree info tag What do the in numbers 7-12 feet mean. Is this the maximum and minimum height?

On a fruit tree info tag it says that the tree grows 7-12 feet what does that mean. Can it grow taller than that? Does this mean it can be held at 7 feet but will grow on its own to 15 feet without pruning -but not any more ? Thanks.

Generally you’ve got the right idea. However you should assume you’re always going to be pruning --it’s important for maintaining your tree in a productive state.

It could also indicate the type of root stock. If the other trees of that type are shown to be taller it would mean that it was on a dwarfing root stock. What kind of tree are was the tag on? I would much rather know the type of root stock it is on than what they think the average height is. But most of the time they do not tell you what kind of root stock they are on unless you order on line.

I think it’s a peach on citation rootstock the tag says 7-14 feet.

Rootstocks grow differently in different climates, soils etc. hence the range. Peach/nectarine on Citation rarely reach 14 ft. I’ve sworn never to get that combo again as it runts out…

I’ve had fine luck with peaches, apricots, apriums, etc on citation in decomposed granite/loam soil – some with a decade of neglect from previous owners. With open center training, they however were nowhere near 14 feet, more like 10ft. I’d imagine w/ a central leader you could get to 14ft. It’s a fine rootstock for a backyard orchard tree. If you have trouble w/ it another semi-dwarfing rootstock that is commonly used is Siberian C. Pacific groves — the supplier for Lowe’s and Home Depot in my neighborhood, uses it for all peaches/nectarines and plums.

Those tags usually are a 10 year size. Nothing will will stop growing at a certain height without pruning.