One less fruit bandit! Chester 1- squirrel 0

I thought you guys might get a kick out of this. I have no idea how he managed to do it, but my dog Chester caught himself a squirrel. 1 down, a bunch more to go!


That pup is my hero!


No offense but Chester doesn’t really look that quick, lol. I bet he was as surprised as the squirrel


Go Chester!

My neighbor’s dog has taken up squirrel hunting, too

Go Chester Go!!!

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Respect to Chester!
My dog always chases small animals, didn’t catch any though… But few days ago she found a rabbit nest right in my strawberries bed. There were new born rabbits… Do you think she had her wish to catch accomplished? Not that fast. She got scared, when they started to squeak… So much for killing instinct. Do not ask me though what happened with the rabbits after all :slight_smile:.

For that, you need a cat

How about a hawk? Eagle? Owl?

Sometimes dogs react differently to baby animals. My border collie would ferociously chase cats and squirrels and then one day she found some feral kittens. A motherly instinct kicked in. This was her reaction:


@ltilton, Can’t have cats) That would be a constant war at home - my dogs love cats. Mostly to chase them!

@JustAnne4, like this?

@danzeb, you may be right… She got this confused look on her face…


My female lab dang near got one. Just got to the tree as she got to it.

@galinas is this in your yard? What type is it?
I am planning to put up a ‘raptor perch’ but I’m wondering how to attract such birds to it. I hear owls in the woods. I see hawks way up in the sky. I’d like them closer to notice any nocturnal rodents, or, tree rodents. Suggestions?

I’m guessing the squirrel was trying to get a bite from Chesters food bowl and got a little careless. Good job Chester. You could become a Growing Fruit folk hero.


My dog got lucky and caught a squirrel once. She also caught one rabbit. But her real specialty are possums. They conveniently drop dead in front of her.


Yes, it is border of my yard, this is dog pen. The bird is hawk, I believe. This one is actually a baby, this is why it is sitting like this -just got tired from flight training. We have a huge pine nearby, they make nest there every year, but not always end up hunting in my yard.


Good doggie! Let’s cultivate your taste for squirrel!
John S

Gorgeous dog! I have a border collie mix and she also has a huge prey drive. She goes nuts when she spots rabbits in our backyard at night.

great thread…squirrels have been terrorizing my fruiting plants for years…I’ve started taking certain “measures” to reduce the population but it’s a never ending battle. Wife thinks I’m crazy(maybe she’s right) and I’ve got my daughters onboard who spot them for me with binoculars…

@SteveM did you keep that tail??

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The only one we had I trapped and then I drowned it in a wheelbarrow. Thank God I have never seen another!

No I didn’t. I hate those things so much I always get rid of the whole thing!