One tomato looks yellower - any ideas?

Here is a picture of some of my tomatoes in a raised bed… probably too close, but that’s another issue. They are growing in 3 parts Promix BX (soil-less peat based mix), 2 parts pine fines and 1 part composted horse manure, plus some garden lime. Pretty much everything in the bed looks good, except for one of my tomatoes that is yellower than the rest and appears to be lagging a bit in growth. All of the tomatoes are heirlooms - Druzba, Opalka, Prudens Purple and St. Colombe. The St. Colombe is the yellower one and since it is less common I don’t know much about its general vigor productivity, etc. so maybe it is just more susceptible to something.

Since they were planted about 3 weeks ago as small seedlings, they’ve gotten one shot of regular miracle grow soon after planting and then a few days ago a shot of miracle grow tomato fertilizer. It was yellower before the last fertilizer and I haven’t seen any change after either.

We’ve had a good bit of rain lately so I guess it is possible that the mix is holding more moisture than the plant would like, but that is all I can think of.

Thoughts on why this one tomato is unhappy?

Probably too much water, it should come around. Or the cold, has it been cold?
I had a few like that and once planted out regained color. They were root bound, and not happy. When it needs watering a light 1/4 dose of fertilizer may help too. It’s lacking nutrients from roots too wet or cold. Or at least hope that is all it is?

It hasn’t been cold (in fact we’ve had some hot humid days lately), but I’ll hope it is a water thing and keep my fingers crossed it will come around. Temps are headed cooler for the rest of the week, then we’re headed back to 80s and maybe even 90 next week. After some possible showers tomorrow it looks dry for a while so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it makes it. I’m particularly interested in this one, but maybe it just isn’t has hearty which is okay to find out as well.

Yes, I chalk up some yellowing to how hearty they are. Seems once the plants got bigger, they did better. I also have a few that look like herbicide damage occurred. Not sure from where? It’s not bad and they should recover. Tomatoes can be tough to grow! This morning I had one pepper drooping badly. Looks like it got too cold for it last night. I moved it a sunnier spot.