Onions are gonna be small this year

Presumably due to the cold April (and early May) this year…my onions are a good three weeks behind last year.

Today (5/17/20)

4/27/19 - and this was with weeds and storm damage that bent a lot of the leaves.

Since onions bulb when they bulb, I’m expecting fairly small onions this year.

Same variety, Expression (Intermediate-day).

Smaller harvested bulbs will be a disappointment.
One crappy onion harvest, I took the smaller bulbs and pickled them.
I started with a standard lacto-fermentation then I rinsed them and finished them off with a hot vinegar / sugar pickle.
Onion / garlic lovers appreciated them and, those who don’t enjoy onions complained about how the eaters smelted after their snack… So, I considered that part of the harvest a success!