Onions growing weird

A few of my onion plants have a very weird pattern to their foliage, and are growing all twisty. Will this affect my harvest, and why are they doing this?

I know about the weeds. Once it stops raining a bit I can take care of it.

I have this same problem. The leaves are twisting themselves. Some of the leaves are kinky, but most of the new growth seems okay. Not sure what this is.

It’s the rain. We have had rain for several days and it’s a muddy mess. Between heavy rain and soft soil, most plants are leaning to the side and many have bent leaves.

I hope this doesn’t affect my yield too much.

Also wondering if I should try to stand them up and firm soil back around them.

They look normal enough to me

Onions are hard to weed w/o cutting them down

They’re worse now - more have fallen like that. The soft muddy soil has caused some to lean.