Online Nursery prices in Fall 2020


They’re also by far the cheapest and one of few with anything in stock of the bigger vendors. Not sure if they haven’t adjusted their prices or not, but I sure took advantage of it. I’ve had great success with their trees in the past. Their garlic stock, not so much.
Furthermore, I was looking for Royal Crimson on Maxma, and they, along with Raintree, were the only ones I could find that offered that combo. But Raintree are much more expensive


Fine trees, nice price.
Having ordered 3 years, but not last year, my only ‘complaint’ is I’ve never yet gotten the first apple from any tree I’ve gotten from them…they’re on M111.


A few varieties at Century Farms are made available on B9, at least in recent years, and since I have usually specially ordered varieties from their master list, in my last few orders I have requested B9.


Century Farms’ David Vernon seems to be a real Southern gentleman and is a pleasure to work with.


Yes, indeed. And Lee Calhoun chose David to be the keeper of much of his own collection when he retired. See his Master List for reference.


Fedco trees just opened up ordering, and their prices seem mostly in line with last year. I think they have a lot of their own local suppliers, so they are in slightly different supply and demand bubble than all the folks buying from large wholesalers.


I got the FEDCO paper catalog today. Antonovka, B118, M111, and V-1 are their rootstocks.
$30.25 per tree…which is a 1% increase from the last time I ordered from them.


Just got thenew CVN catalog. Lots of peach varieties. No website. Small selection of apples pears and plums.


Very low prices, $100 minimum.



They are a wholesale place…selling to nurseries and landscapers primarily.
(and to anyone with a minimum order)
A lot
of nursery stock grows in McMinnville…
perhaps only eclipsed by Oregon out west.