Opinions on Pink Pearmain apple?

Are you growing Atalanta’s Gold, @SkillCult? (Or are you, @derekamills?) Same situation for me as Blush Rosette - I’m growing it, but haven’t sampled it yet, and have yet to read an independent review of it. I had a few sets on it this year, but they dropped early and it’ll be at least next season before I can try it.

A unusually late series of frosts here killed my young Vixen tree, alas; looks like I’ll be starting over with that one next year. That same cold snap killed three apricots and several other young apples, and wiped out most of my plum harvest. I was not amused.

We have a couple of trees of Blush Rosette but it has taken forever to fruit although this might be the year for a few to ripen.

Good luck. I may get two or three as well. The tree appears vigorous (on MM111) and fairly precocious here on the Northern California coast.

Blush rosette is very uncommon for some reason. I haven’t grown Atalanta gold yet.

I am not growing Atalanta’s Gold Jerry.

Seems to be another obscure one. Hope to be able to report on it next year.

I have a good set on both Blush Rosette and Atalanta’s Gold this year, so I should be able to report on them in a few months.

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Both are good tasting, Blush Rosette the better between these two for me.

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Great, that sounds promising!