Orangered surprise

PTL! Just noticed today that I had 2 Orangered apricots on my tree when I thought I had none of that variety. This is my favorite variety and it’s my earliest

ripening too!


Nice, Rob. Is that a grafted branch? Will you be getting any other 'cots this year? What about any pluots?

Alas, none of our trees produced anything this year, except a wild plum I transplanted last year, and most of those have disappeared. Hardly any of my apples or pears even bloomed! At least we got a modest strawberry harvest, and are waiting on a few gooseberries to ripen.

I planted a bunch of blackberry and raspberries this spring, the rasps have been struggling to going but the bb’s seem to like it here. So, next year we hope to get all kinds of berries, and maybe our trees will supply us something.

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They get visible when they color up

Last year I thought I had maybe 6 apriums on my tree, turns out I had almost 2 dozen

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Here is my Orangered surprise, 3 year old tree, was finally going to get fruit this year when it suddenly died. Last two springs it rained throughout the entire bloom and i did not spray for Brown rot. Lesson learned.

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Here’s the last one we had yesterday. Wonderful!


Yes, it was grafted a few years ago. It has taken off quite nicely. Got it from Bob Purvis. We’ve got Sugar Pearls, Afghanistans, and I suspect Canadian White Blenheims on one tree and then Blenheims and Moorparks on the other. I was wrong about thinking I was basically going to get frozen out. As for my pluot tree, we have FK, FS, DD coming as well as a lot of plums. We’ve got a ton of apples, cherries, almonds, IE Mulberry, pears, peaches, necs, strawberries, serviceberries, but my GG plum with all the Euro varieties still is yet to bear, and I think it’s around 4 years in the ground. Sorry you’re having a bad year! It’s my best yet.


Really sorry Jon! Be happy to send you scion next year. You really helped me this year! Big winner is the June Pride, but September Honey, Kaweah, Arctic Glo, Arctic Jay, Flavortop have all taken!


Thats great Rob, I am glad those all worked out for you! I hope you get fruit next season! Looks like you had a very successful grafting season. Sometimes with peaches and nectarines you need a few years growing to get the really good fruit size and flavors. I would like some Orangered scion this winter. Really looking forward to trying this one!

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What an awesome surprise!

I bought a scion of Orange Red last year, but it was super thick and hard to graft…and didn’t take.
Probably just as well as I don’t really know where I’d put another apricot tree anyhow.
That sure looks tasty though!
We have a seedling ripening cots right now, and Harcot and Robada coming off.


Hit me up in winter if you want a scion! BTW, everything you sent grafted minus the Summerset and Indian Blood.

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I might do that! Thanks for the offer! :smile:

I have some ginormous Myro 29c out there.

I’m about to do some experimental budding.

I have St Julian on a few Manchurian apricot roots. I’m going to try budding peach varieties on top!
Also going to try a few Krymsk1 interstems.

Hopefully it works to have a long lived apricot root under a peach. Here’s to experimental ag science. Lol

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Hi Jolene - I’ve been doing quite a bit of peach grafting direct to Manchurian Apricot rootstocks, but the jury is still out on whether that is a good plan. I’ll be interested to hear how the St Julian interstem works for you. I also have a few grafted direct on St Julian rootstock, which seems more common than the apricot. By the way, the Silver Logan seemed like it had a delayed incompatibility on Prunus Americana, which I’ve heard some peaches do but I’ve had generally good luck on plum roots. I did get another graft of it to take on apricot though, which is pretty happy so far.

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Just planted 10 plus Manchurian Apricot seeds that were in my fridge for about 3 months. They all were sprouting. Wish me luck, will use for rootstock.


Hi Jolene, I was wondering how your peach on St Julian on apricot experiments are shaping up. My observation of the peaches directly on Manchurian Apricot is they don’t have very good winter hardiness compared to Am Plum rootstock, and may be exhibiting delayed incompatibility as several have thrown in the towel in the off season. I think I’ll try some St Julian inter stems over apricot roots, as you described, and see how that goes, unless you have a severely negative update to scare me off…

I have one O Henry on manchurian apricot with a st julian interstem. I have st julian on four apricot roots and they grow like crazy!
The peach was budded last summer and I forced the growth. There are three shoots about 9 inches long and they are green and happy. We’ve had a pretty mild winter. Low of maybe 12.
I’m planning on using some apricot root for peach this year, and I may try a monster myro29c with a plum (either Adara or St Julian) interstem for peach.
I’ll post my results when i have more to share.
Do you have St Julian scions? Because I’m going to be cutting some to graft peaches.