Orchard clearing

I could buy a lifetime supply of fruit for the cost of setting up my new orchard but it wouldn’t replace the enjoyment I get sharing how to grow fruit with my grands. Money well spent in my opinion.


Looking good…do you have more space or less now?

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You are indeed living happily, and well-deserved it is, too!


I will have a little more space but it is located to get more sun.


These guys have a dangerous job but they appear to know how to work safely. Down goes another large oak tree. As soon as it falls they cut it up quickly to get ready for the next one.


Bill, you going to get rid of that Juniperus virginiana right in the middle? That’s going to pass rust and cedar apple rust.

Great big yard you got. Cool.


I’m going to remove it also. It will be interesting to see how much CAR the trees get without nearby transmitters.

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Wow! I think it looks great! And you’ve got your xmas tree for next year ready to go! It will be great to see what you plant!

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The grand standing on the stump planted a plum seed a few years ago and I plan for it to be the first to go into the ground. It is in a large pot and she/I will plant it just as soon as possible. We named it after her. Maci plum.


Nice. Do you have any oak left behind? Oak is the best species for shiitake mushroom logs. This is the time of year to do it in the south, right before trees wake up.


Thanks for the tip but I didn’t save any of the oak.

@Auburn, for what Im paying for live edge boards you should have reconsidered saving.


I don’t know what size is needed for live edge boards but I’m guessing that these would be on the smaller side.

Looks fantastic Bill, I guess the only reward for leaving your orchard is the opportunity to create a new one…knowing what you know now!!! Enjoy! And enjoy those Grands!


From the bare ground I see in the photos is the soil as sandy as it looks? Oaks, Pines and sand? I presume the soil must be on the acidic side?

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I will know more about how sandy the soil is when we start planting. I’m guessing that the sawdust is making the soil look sandy in the picture.

They finished the tree removal and cleanup yesterday. Our forecast is for rain today and tomorrow so I plan to start planting as soon as possible. I will take this time between rain showers to grid out my plan for planting.


Thanks Mark. I’m looking forward to enjoying my orchard but we have 2-3 more weeks of getting our old house cleared out so it can be sold.

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Thanks. I will try to do a better job with my tree spacing this time but they will still be close by most standards.

The cedar is a well shaped tree but in a bad location. I thought about saving it but it’s location would have limited the number of fruit trees I could plant and it is a carrier for CAR.