Orchard tour, fruit samples, and short class on fruit growing

Dr Powell is one in a million as he is passionate about teaching fruit growing to anyone who shows up for his classes that are listed on their website. The class was free as well as the fruit samples inside the classroom and during the tour. If any of you get a chance to go to one it will in my opinion be time well spent. Thanks Dr Arlie Powell. Below is a few pictures from today.



Inside Classroom.


I’ve heard of him Bill that guy knows his stuff on pears https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kJn6PV2o8I . Great pictures! This is his youtube channel if anyone is interested petalsfromthepast - YouTube. It’s unlikely I will ever get an opportunity to attend the classes or meet him but I will follow him on youtube. These are all of his videos https://www.youtube.com/user/petalsfromthepast/videos. People like Dr Powell and others such as Stephen Hayes have done a lot for the fruit growing community. This is Stephen Hayes youtube channel for anyone not familiar with him https://www.youtube.com/user/stephenhayesuk since I dropped the name. This website is likely the greatest resource out there for fruit growers in my opinion because thanks to people like yourself everyone now knows about Dr. Powell.

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Fifth picture from the top is Korean Giant. As many of you know it can have some massive size pears. According to Dr Powell it is the largest that they grow including the Orient. Not all of them but many were grapefruit size. I was surprised to find out that these blemish free pears did not have any sprays beyond the typical oil, lime sulfur, antibiotic, and copper. Apparently the thick skin prevents PC damage. These pears are already ripening well ahead of the typical time.


Thanks for posting.

Wish I lived closer so I could attend the seminar conducted by one of the smartest folks in the country!

Did he indicate which apple varieties perform the best in that hot/humid climate?

I’m not familiar with Cumberland Spur in the picture, but the fruit load is awesome.

He didn’t reference which was best but few he grows that I remember is Fugi, Cumberland Spur, Spur Arkansas Black, Pink Lady, Carters Blue, Spur Granny Smith. Cumberland Spur is a mutation off of the Origon Spur and has more red stripe coloring. It was patented by Robert L. Deutscher, and Carol J. Deutscher of North Alabama. Dr Powell assisted getting it patented. I do remember him saying that it was the best of the red delicious.

Did you get to taste any Alma or Strawberry Verte figs?

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Sorry but I didn’t taste those.

Where is he located?
John S

If you need additional information let me know. Bill