Oregon Opportunities for Scions

Too far for me by public transit, but it is a great opportunity for Oregon grafting enthusiasts.

”Scion is FREE with entry — 1 per-person, per-type. Remember to bring painters tape and a sharpie so you can label each scion with the varietal name. A gallon ziplock or container to keep scion in is also handy. Don’t want to go home with a handful of mystery sticks! “


The Canby Area Transit (CAT) mini-buses interface with the Tri-Met buses in Oregon City.

If this were Feb 15th, I’d be on the road Friday night… (my vacation starts Friday)

I might not make it, though…

March 15th isn’t possible, sadly


yes if you live in Oregon that is doable.

I live in Hazel Dell, Washington, so it is not doable for me.

I hope that for some in Oregon this event will be useful.

too bad I cannot go, looks fun.

C-Tran >> Tri-Met >> CAT, but you would be on buses all day.

And…all day…equals not doable.

SMH why some people think they know what is doable for me…