Orleans Japanese Flowering Quince

I purchased an Orleans flowering quince through fruitwood and can’t find much of anything about this variety. Does anyone have this variety and/or know anything about it?

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I received more info on this variety today from Marc at fruitwood nursery.

“It is wood from an old specimen that is growing wild along the roadside near the bridge here in Orleans, CA. It has very beautiful rose colored flowers on a low and spreading bush. It could of been named in its day and probably was part of an old homestead years ago before the highway was widened. Really tough plant has survived countless summers with no moisture or care during our long hot drought season. A bit of a landmark and fortunately the Caltrans crews also appreciate it and have been mowing around it for all these years.”

I’ve inquired about it’s fruiting and will update the thread once I learn more.

Unless there are other Chaenomeles growing near it, they are unlikely to know what quality fruit it would produce as most of them require cross pollination. However, if anyone is aware of any self fertile clones I’d love to know about them.


Good point! I’ll be planting it near a toyo nishiki and will update this thread over time

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