Orphan apple

Four years ago I planted what Stark told me was a dwarf Ginger Gold so I would have two of them. Well this year it is cropping OK, but in the past several days it has dropped about 10-15% and when I tasted them they were sweet, not mealy, etc, but definitely green. Pits were brown. My other Ginger Gold is 8 years old and crops heavy and the apples are decidedly more yellow and are starting to develop a red blush as they head toward an early August readiness (Rockingham Cy Shenandoah Valley, 1100 NVGD). My wife insists the new apples are not Ginger Golds. Well, I figure with over 27 different kinds of apples I had enough, but it looks like I may have another. Anyone have any thoughts what could be green and sweet this early in the year?? My wife says they have a Granny Smith texture (I would say they are almost crisp), but my Granny Smiths are no where near as big or close to harvest. (BTW, my Pristines are ripe, taste good, and are not green.). (Another point - have not ordered from Stark in a while for various reasons.)

Just a guess, perhaps “Mutsu”?