Osage orange rootstock source?

Now that my CHE has ripened fruit in yr 4… and we have tried it and really liked it.

I need to get it propigated and growing at my future new home site. Would also like to graft one for my daughter too.

I found on the board mention of fruitwoodnursery being a source for osage orange rootstock… they are out of stock now.

Seems like it might be ideal to plant OO rootstock this fall… let it work on root development fall and winter… and graft CHE to it next spring.

Do any of you know of a good source for OO rootstock… that offer fall shipping ?



Francis Eric on this forum said he has 100’s? available. I think he’s based in Illinois.


They are very responsive by email, I wonder if they plan to list those back in stock in November when they update their inventory. I bet they could tell you.


Any hedgerow in the Midwest could give you as many as you desire.

I believe Burnt Ridge has them.