Ouch I accidently broke off a graft while watering

I was watering a minute ago and the bucket hit a yellow june I had grafted on to Geneva 30 rootstock. I was barely hanging should I try to save it or just let it go and hope the bud puts out more growth. That is the only bud on the scion.

Not quite sure just what you’re describing- is it a bud graft? Or is it a inserted scion that had only one bud showing, and the only damage was to the bud itself, not to the scion per se?

There was about five inches of new growth coming from the bud and it broke off where the new growth came out of the bud.

That hurts! But if the graft has taken it may be that you’ll get growth from a secondary bud. It certainly does no harm to leave it. I doubt that there is any way to get the broken piece reattached. I think I would leave it alone (fingers crossed!)

I broke off a scion I had just grafted, and I was hopeful after redoing it- then I went and stuck my elbow in it while thinning yesterday and I can promise it’s done for good this time. :-(. Oh, well. Live and learn, I hope.

Good luck.

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Thanks man but that was the only bud on the scion.

I had some bud grafts that my dog did the same thing to when they were an inch or two. over the period of a few weeks they did not grow back. I gave up on them and have regrafted. On the other hand, when you have new growth below a graft, you break them off, but they often regrow.

Thanks cckw that’s what I am hoping for.