Our goofy dogs


I’ll bet that many of you have at least one goofy dog.

Here’s my Toller “Littlefoot” whose been a ham from the day I met him!


Some of you probably already have watched the video of my dog stealing peppers. This one is with cabbage. She just love the staff. Especially home grown. One goofy dog And to be fair, she is not vegetarian, as well as her sister :grinning:.



“Smile for papa”


My daughter’s pug, she has a white one now too.



My husband’s goofy dog and his pet…


Our lethal and ever vigilant watchdog…



My daughter added a second pug. Her first is pictured above. A white one this time


Where’d that lizard go?


Posing for Janet :slight_smile:


My friend took a photo of my dog, not the best quality but my dog is all into posing for the camera.

Jesse is the smartest dog I ever had. I love the herding dogs and will never buy anything else. He also is gentle with little dogs, and is not mean at all. He loves to socialize. Sometimes he takes my wife’s slipper when she comes home and howls Woo, woo, woo, three times every time. Yesterday he left one someplace else. When mommy came home he tried to grab the remaining one, I said no, he stopped. I said “fetch mommies other slipper” And he did! I was amazed.He can understand compound phrases, not just sounds. He likes to watch Dr Pol on TV, he is the best dog ever. My parents bred dogs, I have been with dogs my whole life. Never without one. Jesse is the best one I ever had.
He loves going to the doggie park and play with his doggie friends. Here he is running to greet them

Formal dog greetings, glad we shake hands!


Is he an Australian Shepherd? Very pretty dog. Our dog is getting up there in years (12), and I’ve kinda been looking into adding another one. They’d have to be an outside dog, but could occasionally come in. They’d have to be able to stick around and not tend to run off, and be a good watchdog. Any ideas? Oh, and they’d not run off all the cats we’ve tried to keep on the farm!


Yes AKC registered. Well an Aussie would work, but they are working dogs and need something to do. So might not be the best choice. Mine does frisbee, and dock jumping, or whatever they call it. He likes to dive into the river to fetch stuff.
Here he is fetching a stick, in slow motion. He gets into trouble if he has nothing to do. He does a great job of keeping all animals including birds, out of the yard. I work/play with him 2 hours each day, otherwise he would not be happy. he is almost 5 years old, and still loves to play, loves his toys too.
Hey see how nice and clean the St. Clair River is? This is the North Channel, also a South and Middle channel. The freighters use the south channel.

In 2013 Jesse’s opossum training!


My produce shopper.


Both anticipating adventure :slight_smile:


I guess since we are posting pictures of our dogs. I affectionately refer to him as numb nuts.