Our goofy dogs


Georgetown Brewery, CO.


Did they get any, um, “samples”??


They look like they are still waiting…


The patrons gave them enormous amounts of affection :heart:




Where is the second one? I start to worry! :grinning:


Being uncooperative :grin:


Got up the other morning to find my son had got out of his bed in the middle of the night to sleep with the dog.


This morning we drove 7 miles from Watsonville CA to Sunset State Beach, passing several thousand acres of cabbage and strawberry fields along the way.


On a sadder note we had to let go of one of our dogs Sunday. Dave was a dumped-in-the-country dog that showed up at our place 9 years ago…with mange. We got him cleared up and he became one of the hilarious and goofy members of our family. Dave was a coward to put it mildly but we facetiously called him Brave Dave and comforted him through storms and fireworks and gunshots and those times that the burned toast set off our smoke detectors. He loved Skittles and would beg for them every night. He would drive you crazy for a Skittles treat. My first fig ripened this week. Any other time Dave would have been there to eat the portion I gave him. He would never pull one from the tree but he loved to help me eat my figs. I will miss him…

RIP Brave Dave



I feel very sorry for you…



Once again I wish we had an option other than a heart to say how your story touches my feelings. So sorry.


It sounds like he was truly lucky to have found a home with you, and you sound like you were lucky to have found a best friend for so many years.

I’m sorry for your loss!






Looks like he was distracted by a furry critter as he was preparing to finish that hole!


Lizard more likely. :slight_smile: